The World Needs More Roughtime

It does! So I bring to you a public Roughtime server: port 2002

The server runs roughenough on a Google Compute Engine instance in us-central1.

Time is sourced from Google’s public NTP servers which conveniently implement the 24-hour leap second smear required to provide “Roughtime UTC” as specificed in the protocol definition.

Public Key

in hex:

in base64:

That’s the server’s long-term public key which is also stuffed into a DNS TXT record should you need it, along with a superfluous SRV record just for fun:

$ dig -t txt
;; ANSWER SECTION:  1799  IN  TXT "016e6e0284d24c37c6e4d7d8d5b4e1d3c1949ceaa545bf875616c9dce0c9bec1"

$ dig -t srv
;; ANSWER SECTION:  1799 IN SRV 100 1 2002